How can I get an application?
Apply online by clicking here.  We only offer online applications. If you’d like to use one of our kiosks to apply in person please see address below.

North Star Fishing Company
2001 West Garfield St
Terminal 91, Bldg A-1, C-107
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (206) 298-3120

How do I follow up on an application?
We will contact you when we have a position available. If you change your contact information please update by logging into the applicant portal. Applications will be kept on file for one year.
What are the requirements to be hired?
When processing the application, we must be able to confirm two positive references from previous employers; and you will be subject to a post offer pre-employment drug test and background screening.
When will I get hired?
Available job openings are entirely dependent upon the schedule and needs of the vessel.
How long are the contracts?
Contracts are on a trip-by-trip basis; however you must complete 65 consecutive days to earn your round trip airfare from point of hire (Seattle, WA.). If you decide to end your contract prior to completing 65 days, your round trip airfare will be deducted from your earnings.
Does the company pay airfare to Seattle, Washington?
No, point of hire is Seattle, WA. All applicants are responsible for all transportation costs to/from Seattle.
How do you pay?
All crew are paid on a crew percentage basis. Each crew member is paid a percentage of the revenue that is earned from each trip. Crew percentages vary per vessel depending on the size of the crew.
How many boats do you have and what is the crew size?
We operate (4) Factory Trawlers that catch and process at sea.

  • F/T Arica, 186’, 36 crew
  • F/T Cape Horn, 158’, 33 crew
  • F/T Rebecca Irene, 140’, 33 crew
  • F/T Unimak, 185’, 36 crew
Where do you fish?
The Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska.
What hours and days will I be working?
Crew members generally work a schedule of 16 hours on, 8 hours off, seven days a week.
How long are your seasons?
We currently operate from January through mid-December. However, there are many factors that play into why the season may end. Seasons will vary year-to-year.
Are you hiring right now/when do you hire throughout the year?
We hire crew year round for all of our vessels.
What kind of experience are you looking for?
Factory positions on the vessel do not require previous experience however, it helps to have at least 1 year of experience in a manual labor position. You will be required to work at a very fast pace in an assembly –line type environment. Stamina, good physical condition and a positive attitude are essential for the job.
Do I have to supply my own work gear?
Yes, you are responsible for Rain Gear and Boots for work on the vessel. We do make these available to purchase from the ships store in size 9 – 12. If you need a different size than 9 – 12 you need to make sure your Recruiter is aware of your needs.
Will I need to bring cash for purchases on the boat?
No, all purchases through the ship store are recorded and then deducted from your settlements. We do not recommend that you bring large amounts of cash on the boat. However, we do recommend that you bring a small amount while traveling to and from the vessel in case of layovers due to weather. You may need to purchase food while waiting at the airport.
Will I be able to receive mail?
Yes, you will be able to send and receive mail when the vessel returns to port to offload.
All mail to crewmembers is to be addressed:

North Star Fishing Co.
(Crewmember Name)
(Vessel Name)
PO Box 920556
Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

(Please note: VERY IMPORTANT – If the crewmembers Name or the Vessel Name is not on the package, they will not receive their package.)

Will I be able to call/e-mail friends and family from the vessel?
There are no phones on the vessel for personal use. We do have e-mail available to the crew and an account will be set up for each crewmember when they arrive on the vessel.