The Alaska Seafood Cooperative (AKSC)

North Star Fishing Co. is one of the seven member companies comprising the Alaska Seafood Cooperative – a cooperative formed in 2008 to ensure the flatfish fisheries in which we operate remain well-managed and are sustainably harvested.

AKSC fisheries are managed by strict, science-based standards and are recognized as among the best managed in the world. Catches are held at or below scientific limits, none of these stocks are overfished, and fishing is strictly regulated to prevent excessive bycatch of other species. Click here for more information about the management of the fishery.

Amendment 80 – Ending the Race for Fish

AKSC worked with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to develop an alternative to end the “race for fish” resulting in a system which divides groundfish target quotas and bycatch limits among cooperatives. A80 vessels carry two observers at all times to monitor and record each and every tow for responsible use of the natural resource.