North Star Fishing Co.’s vessels are in the Alaska Seafood Cooperative which was formed in 2008 under Amendment 80 regulations. They are known as “A80” boats. We operate year ‘round from January 20th into the month of December.

Fishing Gear

North Star Fishing Co. vessels use Bering Sea Flatfish Trawl Gear when targeting sole and flounders. This modified gear principally uses sweeps raised off the seafloor by bobbins spaced at 30 meter intervals to herd flatfish into relatively small nets where the fish are captured. Research by NMFS scientists has shown that use of elevated sweeps dramatically reduces effects of fishing on seafloor habitat and associated species such as crab and structure-forming animals called epifauna.


Our vessels are known as at-sea “catcher/processors”. We catch groundfish, sort by specie, take the heads off and guts out, pack the fish into pans, then they are frozen in horizontal contact plate freezers to a temperature of -20 deg C (or lower for some species). The finished product is stored on board in the freezer hold until the trip is over. Trips last approximately 5-7 days.

Volume: Our vessels produce between 40,000-45,000 metric tons per year (selling weight).