Alaska pollock
*MSC certified for A80 vessels October 2010

  • Latin Name: Theragra chalcogramma
  • Location: Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands (BSAI)
  • Season: January 20-December 31
  • Total Catch/Quota:
    BS 2011 catch: 1,199,180 metric tons; quota: 1,252,000
  • Products: H&G (headed and gutted), Collarbone-on (CBO) and whole round
  • Volume: Alaska pollock is approximately 5-7% of North Star Fishing Co.’s total annual production
  • Size: Length up to 3.3 feet, general H&G size: 500-1,000 grams
  • Size Specification: H&G weight per fish
    2L: 750 gr +
    L: 500 – 750 gr
    M: under 500 gr
  • General Information: The Alaska pollock fishery is the largest U.S. fishery by volume. Annual catches from 2000-2009 have averaged 1.3 million metric tons. Alaska pollock makes up over 40% of the global whitefish production. Managers adjust harvest limits for the Alaska pollock fishery according to pollock population levels and other factors, such as the 2 million ton overall groundfish catch limit for the Eastern Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands regions. Catches are closely monitored by scientifically trained observers to ensure that limits of pollock are not exceeded. The H&G A80 fleet is not allowed to target Alaska pollock as a directed fishery so the production of Alaska pollock is limited by incidental catch limits (not to exceed 20% of the targeted specie total).

Additional information on Alaska pollock can be found at NMFS Fishwatch.

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