Flathead sole
*MSC certified June 1, 2010

  • Latin Name: Hippoglossoides elassodon
  • Market/vernacular names: sole, flounder
  • Location: Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands (BSAI)
  • Season: January 20 – December 31, generally targeted by North Star Fishing Co. vessels in July/August
  • Total BSAI Catch/Quota:
    2011 catch: 13,550 metric tons; quota: 41,548 metric tons
  • Products: H&G (headed and gutted)
    Volume: Flathead sole is approximately 5% of North Star Fishing Co.’s total annual production
  • Size: Length up to 22 inches, average weight 300-1,000 gr, general H&G size 180-700 gr.
  • Size Specification: H&G weight per fish
    3L: 700+ gr
    2L: 500-700 gr
    L: 350-500 gr
    M: 180-350 gr
    S: 130-180 gr
  • General Information: Alaska is responsible for the majority of U.S. flathead sole catch. Flathead sole is harvested throughout the calendar year mostly by catcher processors ranging in size from 110 to 295 feet, and by a combination of catcher vessels and catcher processors in the GOA. Catcher processors harvest multiple species, conduct primary processing aboard the vessel, and freeze their products on board. Catcher vessels exclusively deliver to shoreside processors.

Additional information on flathead sole can be found at NMFS Fishwatch.

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