Pacific cod
*MSC certified January 2010

  • Latin Name: Gadus macrocephalus
  • Location: Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands (BSAI)
  • Season: January 20-December 31
  • Total BSAI Catch/Quota:
    2011 catch: 218,450 metric tons; quota: 227,950 metric tons
    (2011 Catcher Processor A80 catch: 24,750 metric tons, quota: 27,277 metric tons)
  • Products: Collar-bone on/H&G (CBO), Collarbone-off/H&G (Jcut) and whole round
  • Volume: Pacific cod is approximately 7-10% of North Star Fishing Co.’s total annual production
  • Size: Maximum size up to 6 feet, average H&G weight for Bering Sea cod 450 gr – 3 kg
  • Size Specification for J-Cut: weight per fish
    3L: 4 – 6 kg
    2L: 3 – 4 kg
    L: 2 – 3 kg
    M: 1 – 2 kg
    S: .7 – 1 kg
    SS: .45 – .7 kg
    SSS: under 450 gr
    Whole round: 400 – 650 gr
  • Size Specification CBO: weight per fish
    *production of CBO is on a special order basis and depends on available annual quota
    4L: 6 kg +
    3L: 4 – 6 kg
    2L: 3 – 4 kg
    L: 2 – 3 kg
  • General Information: Pacific cod are harvested with bottom and pelagic trawls, long lines (hook and line), and pots (or traps). Quota is divided between these different gear types and further between catcher-processor trawl (AFA and A80), catcher vessel trawl. Production of Pacific cod by the H&G A80 fleet is dependent on the annual TAC quota set. Pacific cod is generally an incidental catch from other targeted sole fisheries. The quota assigned to the co-op member companies is a “hard cap”. When their limit is reached, vessels in the A80 fleet must stop fishing. Given this limiting factor, North Star Fishing Co. vessels are conservative in “A” season (January – April) catches of Pacific cod. Cod production is spread throughout the season and is from 5 – 50 mt per vessel per trip.

Additional information on Pacific cod can be found at NMFS Fishwatch.

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